Kelley Townley ~ Fiction Writer & Editor


  As a professional and experienced editor I offer reader's reports on all fiction, from picture books to adult mass-market novels; moving on to developmental editing if required.


  I will read your work of fiction and report back via a written report. The report will cover the book's suitability for the intended audience and the current market. It will also discuss the strengths & weaknesses of the story and the writing. The size and scope of the report depends on how much detail you require (anything from 3-20 pages) and the price reflects this. Please contact me for more details.


  If after reading the report you would like further help with your book then I offer professional guidance and practical advice on how to develop your work. I will teach you how to look critically at your own writing as a professional rather than a hobbyist; or for more advanced writers I offer a different perspective on what is almost always a deeply personal & isolated creative process. Your book is more than likely intended for a wider audience, so best to get a reliable and 'tested' test reader to offer constructive criticism before releasing it into the world!

From & used with permission.

  Typically this happens via notes & discussions on the actual manuscript and communication is via email. I will point out areas of concern and clearly explain why I think there might be an issue, so that you can fully understand why and how it might be more effective in engaging readers if put in a different way. My advice is not absolute or a guarantee of success, of course, but based on years of experience and conscious study I can suggest valid techniques on how to reach out and grab readers powerfully.

  I will not rewrite your book as a developmental editor. I will help YOU develop as a writer, for your current book and all future projects. I have had development edits turn into ghostwriting projects whereby the writer feels overwhelmed and just wants a finished product. This is not a problem and I am happy to do this, although the cost is obviously higher.

  Typical areas of concern include: pacing & tension, 'telling' rather than 'showing', consistent and believable plotting & characterisation, correct speech formatting & realistic dialogue, removing chunks of unnecessary backstory, etc.

  I can teach you how to spot and work on these issues for yourself, greatly enhancing your personal storytelling skills. Everybody thinks they have a book in them, but to be a professional writer is to understand that writing is an actual skill; and all skills need to be practised and developed. Every writer needs an editor so why not contact me to see if we'd be a good fit together.