Kelley Townley
Writer // Editor // Worldbuilder

Hey there


 Thanks for popping by. I'm a professionally qualified & experienced writer from the UK, who's been in the business of creating fictional worlds for over twenty years.

 I've written 100+ stories: from picture books to adult mass-market, from graphic novels to screenplays, and everything in between. For all ages. And for a variety of clients: traditional publishers, independents, entertainment studios, companies, celebrated people, charities, and more. (Although, as a ghost-writer, these are often under NDAs & thus confidential.) Previously, I also worked as a developmental editor and author mentor. Oh, and a teacher, bookseller, & librarian too!

 I'm pleased to say I have an outstanding track record for talent and professionalism. Most easily verified by looking at my published works and these independent reviews.

 Currently, you can find me at THOSE BEYOND bringing life to new worlds and new civilisations...



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